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Gasket Experts

As a Gasket Guy you will go to the client's facility and provide a no stress inspection of their gaskets and hardware needs on your schedule. With years of experience, Gasket Guy will handle it all for you!


OEM Quality without the Big Price Tag...

Gasket Guy provides OEM quality gaskets at a fraction of the cost of purchasing direct from the Manufacturer. We can get you the gasket you need with spot on perfect quality as quick as the next day!


Gasket Guy Can Do It!

The Gasket Guy Experts can do more than just gaskets.  We can help with strip curtains, walk-in door closers, hinges, door sweeps and even cutting boards, standard or custom!


Cutting Boards

Gasket Guys are also experts in cutting boards.  We can get you an OEM quality replacement and even install it.  Have something custom like a trash hole or maybe you need a cutting board that can handle high temps?  Did we mention the custom Laser engraving with your name, logo, or cutting station name?  We have you covered!



The Gasket Guy Brand


From the beginning, Gasket Guy has focused on helping restaurants keep their cool when it comes to replacing gaskets. 

Original Gasket Guys were outfitted with limited choices of gaskets and portable welders.  With a very limited corporate support structure the local Gasket Guy was on an island.

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We acquired Gasket Guy Corporate In 2013, and a long term strategy was put in place. 

Gasket Guy X dealers have unlimited capacity thanks to a state of the art manufacturing facility.  The focus is on being the problem solver for the customer not only for gaskets but for refrigeration hardware, walk-in doors, cutting boards and warmer gaskets.

With a robust corporate office there is a focus on support, community, new product development and growing local Gasket Guy sales.


The Largest network of commercial gasket installers in the United States and Canada.  When you ask a restaurant manager or owner who do they use to replace their gaskets they always say, “I have a Gasket Guy”.