Training With Your Own Coach

1. Visit the Atlanta office!

  • 2 Day Visit with Real World Sales and Installation Training.

    • Telephone calls and Field Training with real customers.
    • Product Training and Familiarization.
    • Installation Training: Installing gaskets and making common repairs.
    • Estimate Training: Identifying and writing real life quotes.
    • General Business Setup: Sales Tax, GL insurance, Corporate Structure.
    • Systems Training: Quickbooks, xSell App, Google apps.
    • Marketing Setup: Choosing your artwork and ordering your marketing items.
    • HR: Proper pay scales, how to interview and hire an installer.

2. Training on your turf!

  • 3 Day visit to sharpen your installation and sales skills.

    • Set up of warm leads by phone.
    • Ahead of time, place help wanted ad and teach you our very successful method of interview process.
    • Visit the warm leads that were set up and also hit cold calls.
    • Install gaskets and train on installations.
    • General review of business plan.  We also plan strategy for your next several months

3. It takes a TEAM!

  • 3 Day hometown fine tuning visit.

    • Ahead of time, we can work together to set up warm leads by phone.
    • When in town, we will visit the leads and also run some cold calls.
    • Install some of those gaskets you’ve sold over the last week.  This is a great time to work on the skills of your new installer.
    • General review of business plan, progress, and what we can do to further help you succeed.
    • Ongoing support in your city when needed.  For example, when needing to train a new hire.